Mar. 31st, 2009


Mar. 31st, 2009 11:55 pm
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I feel bad for not posting earlier, but today was crazy!

Welcome to my new friends! Take a look around and get comfortable.

I tend to post about many different things, I can get rolling and then switch to a completely different topic, so beware.

I don't post about anything political. Well, there was one post pre_election, but that was it. I try to be upbeat and not emo. Also, I don't get upset if people don't comment. If you'd like to, please do. If not, no biggie. I like to type things out and put them in perspective, you know?

Well, a little about me. I live in Las Vegas, I'm engaged, have two dogs (Harley and Dakota) and the majority of my family live here. I'm way into fandom type stuff and love learning about different fandoms and also write and read fan fiction. I also enjoy to write original works, read, cook, bake and take road trips. I hate living in Vegas because the summers here suuuuuuuck.

Now, on to a different topic. LOL. I am in the process of going to school. I'm getting my degree in Elementary Education and haven't decided my minor yet. I decided that I'm sick of working a job and I want a career. Also, I love being around kids and hope that I can make learning fun for them and that they will carry that into the rest of their academic careers.

Well, enough boring stuff. I hope you all have a great night!

Also, goddamn you Yahoo mail for being down!!! I want to check my email and I can't because you suck. Ahem. Sorry.


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